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Councilor Miozza's 2013 ACTION PLAN

Fall River Needs a Sound Economic Development Strategy

The city has seen chronic double-digit unemployment for a number of years. We must create a strategy that aims to grow and develop Fall River's economy to create sustainable wealth and quality of life for all, while protecting and respecting the environment. The strategy should be focused on economic well-being, while integrating social, cultural and environmental well-being.  The city must become less reliant on state aid and it must become much more reliant on self-sufficiency.

My vision is that by 2020 Fall River will be a turn around city with a world-class business setting that is recognized state-wide and nationally as a sustainable center of business excellence. The City Council must work in partnership with the city administration, state and federal agencies, the community, and business to achieve city-wide economic development objectives.

We must recognize we can no longer sustain ourselves solely on manufacturing and that we must continue to build a creative economy.  We must embrace the arts and provide affordable artist space. We must preserve and protect our historic buildings while promoting economic growth in all commercial areas of Fall River.  We must create a vibrant and diverse pedestrian-friendly “Main Street” with mostly small shops with a mix of office and residential space and entertainment choices to complement the business success. 

The city has few high paying jobs and so our brightest and best graduates cannot stay here. To stop our educated young people from leaving, we must provide them with high-value, high-skill jobs and we must provide them with entertainment options. 

Additionally, I support "regionalization", in which the economies of the region become more closely intertwined.  This collaboration between regions could be a sharing of resources, a sharing of tourism, and/or a sharing of services. 

Finally, there should be no more cuts in police, fire and the DPW.  I will fight to safeguard these vital services.  If we build around our strengths and create a sound economic strategy we can and will have a self-sufficient economy. Increasing property taxes as a solution should always be looked at as a "last resort". 

Government Structure that Helps the Mayor Focus on City Business

I believe one way to help the City of Fall River move forward, is to help the Mayor focus strictly on city business. The City Charter should be changed to remove the Mayor from the School Committee which will allow the mayor to have "laser focus" on all city issues and to reduce a past focus on patronage.  If it is the will of the community to make this change, then I will lead the charge to help initiate the change.  

Create a Sensible Adult Entertainment Zone  

The City Council and Administration has failed the community by not establishing a zone that keeps adult entertainment establishments out of the central business district and neighborhoods.  To accomplish this, I recommend creating a zone that ensures we keep adult entertainment businesses 1,200 feet away from the property line of a residentially zoned property, churches, schools, public parks and social service institutions.  Now is the time for our City Council to help define Fall River's Adult Entertainment Zone, not allow the lack of a Zone to define Fall River.  Aggressive action is necessary now.

Fall River Can Benefit by Improved Representation 

The city charter should be changed to improve ward representation by electing ward councilors along with councilors-at-large.  I believe a vote carries more weight in ward elections. 

Every section of the city deserves equal representation. I believe the ward system encourages councilors to become fully knowledgeable about the area they represent.   Fall River is too large for councilors to have intimate knowledge of every neighborhood in the city.  Ward elections will allow candidates to personally visit each home in the ward, and to speak personally with a member of each house they seek to represent.  Running in a ward makes councilors more accountable to neighborhood voters. The ward system prevents the undesirable possibility of having too many councilors coming from the same area of the city.   Our city is becoming more diverse – a ward system can best accommodate these changes. The ward system also gives us a diversity of opinion on the City Council.

The current at-large system gives an unfair advantage to wealthy candidates since it costs more to run city wide than in a particular section of the city. This also makes them more susceptible to being beholden to special interest groups.

If it is the desire of the community, I will work to change the city charter and help guide the city through the process. 

Mandatory Recycling Can Benefit the City     

The environmental challenges facing our planet are so big and so complex that we often feel it is far beyond our individual control. But the simple fact is - if we all step up to the challenge and do our part - together we can make a big difference. Nowhere is that more true than in the area of recycling.  It's simple and easy—and not only does it reduce our impact on the Earth's natural resources, it will also reduce the amount of trash we will eventually have to ship out of state.   I support creating a long-term, environmentally sustainable recycling plan to manage our solid waste.  This is BOTH a quality of life issue and a financial opportunity for our city.   If I am elected to the City Council, I will make this one of my top priorities. 


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