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Tuesday November 5th



Mike Miozza's Vision For The Waterfront


  • Providence has WaterFire…Fall River will have “Water Fireworks” with theme music!
  • Different themes – ethnic, holiday; we can even create our own!
  • To learn more go to Waltzing Waters
  • Business Leaders
  • Elected Officials
  • The Community 


  • On a platform in the Taunton River, near Battleship Cove and Heritage State Park.


  • Why, not!
  • This would be one part of the development of the waterfront to go with Battleship Cove, our beautiful boardwalk, the Gates of the City, Marine Museum, the Wild & Scenic Taunton River, the Borden Light House, the Carousel, Community Sailing, the State Pier, Fall River to Newport and Block Island Ferry Service, the Iwo Jima Memorial, Narrows Center for the Arts, Borden Light Marina, Bicentennial and Heritage Parks, just to name a few!
  • The first such outdoor venue on the East Coast.  
  • Promotes Fall River.
  • Promotes tourism.
  • Promotes city pride.
  • Creates an experience!
  • Increases revenue.
  • Helps businesses including restaurants and cart vendors.

How much?

  • 110' in length including sound system will cost about $2.5 million (power consumption on such a system is very low – less than $10 for a 20 minute show. Requires about 4 man hours a week to maintain the system. There are NO values to maintain!)


  • Public/Private Partnership
  • Grants
  • Community Effort (Remember when we collected dimes in school to bring the Big Mamie to our waterfront?)


  • Target date is the completion of leveling Route 79 in 2016.  What a way to celebrate reconnecting our city with the waterfront!


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